I am a professional Energy Healer for Small Animals & Equine and recently, again, an Artist. Much of the Energy Work that I do is for those 'animals in need' who are caught up in the mire of the madness in today's society which seems to think that animals are disposable, rather than the beautiful Beings of Light that they are--who so want To Love and To Be Loved.

The inspiration for my art comes from many places: the earth and sky; the gardens I grew up in; those animals in need; friends' and clients' animals; those I have met along the way; and, of course, my own companion animals who share and have shared in my journey through the gallery that is my life. It is always my intent to honor and celebrate each animal that I have the privilege to work with. I have every respect for the animals themselves, and I am deeply honored when asked by the human companions to create a piece celebrating their special animal(s). (If you are looking for a traditional pet portrait, I encourage you to seek out one of the many excellent professional pet photographers and artists who specialize in doing just that.)

I love the use of bold colors, the whimsy, the simple lines or the complex design of animals, plants & flowers that are frequently seen in ethnic or folk art, and hope that you will find my small indulgences in art joy-full, as well. The medium I use these days is my laptop...it is also my 'canvas'. The program I use is MSPaint. The 'brush' I use, specifically, is my finger on the mousepad window, though I have recently added a Bamboo tablet and pen. Essentially I refer to the process as “grown up fingerpainting”.

My artpieces are based on photos. Commissioned pieces are based on photos that you provide. The individual portraits take me several hours to create, over several days. Sometimes they're serious in nature (as in more classical art); other times, they are whimsical and contemporary in style--I usually don't know until I sit down to do the art.

Yes, I do sit at my laptop to create an artpiece rather than at an easel. But wherever I am at the time I am working on a portrait, it is sacred time that is set aside specifically to "be" with that particular animal or animal family. The portrait is done from my heart--as is the healing work that I do. For me, it is pure joy to be allowed the opportunity of spending quality time with the spirit of the animal I’m “painting.”

Please know that profits made from your purchase of a commissioned piece or products that are available through my online stores or print on demand gallery sites (links to come) are used to benefit the animals in some way. It may be one or a series of energy healing sessions; the purchase of food or toys or medicine or to help pay for a procedure needed; or to help pay for my cell phone or internet connection so that people who have an animal in need can reach me; or to help pay for a tank of gas so that I can reach them, if need be for a hands-on session.

Thank you, in advance, for selecting me to celebrate your special animal(s). I am deeply honored. Your support is greatly appreciated.

 I am currently accepting commission requests. Please contact me for additional information.

Thanks for stopping by!